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Awesome Arcades was started in 2006 to design and sell specialized Arcades for the home and office.

We featured 2 models at the time, the AC-605 "Arcade Center" which was a full upright with dual joysticks, 6 buttons per player, Player 1 & 2 start buttons, a built in 3" trackball, a spinner and a light gun. Our other product was the P.A.M. "Personal Arcade Machine" which was a smaller, slimmer unit made for homes and offices that were tight on space. While small, it still packed all of the same great features as its big brother. It was sold as a counter top unit and with a pedestal it was a free standing unit.

Sales went very well for the first year, in fact we sold a unit to Apple Corporation for their breakroom! Unfortunately due to the slowing economy in 2007, sales dropped and a hard decision was made to close Awecades and sell off the last of the inventory to arcade distributors. We still get emails and calls to this day to help people who are still happily using their Awecades arcade units to continue using them.

Today "Awecades" - Awesome Arcades is back, but in a smaller way. We now design and sell various arcade controllers, joysticks and interfaces for PC/Macs and classic game consoles.

We still do custom design cabinet work - if you are looking for a "WOW" factor design for your game room, a reproduction Kiosk or a specialized arcade, we are up for the task. Contact Us and speak with Curt.

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